On this page I would like to thank all the people who helped me over the years.

Some of them by name, others even linked. Some of them in silence out of respect, some of them officially.

No strict order, no importance difference.


Nonetheless, at first I would like to thank Pieter Huybrechts. This faithfull, dedicated and perfectionist photographer absolutely needs to be mentioned. He helped me out with Concreet, 1 KIND, 1 WAY, game G and others.

More photographers, professional or not, also have names. For example:

J. De Schutter

J.Theis for Toothpick

J. Van Canneyt

J.P. Morabito.


K. Wens

L. Bernaerts for game A

C. Deguffroy and K. Nuyttinck for Running

D. Baribault for Screening


Cameramen often are a bit more usefull then tripods. Therefor some names.

 At first Kurt Augustyns for 1 STORY

Then Kobe Wens for being able to always count on him, for example for Screening, Running, Blocking, Reading

Yann Tonnar for Toothpick

Clara Hermans, for Retour.


If it wasn't for teachers like K. Delmeire or P. Wouters, I would have been a totally different person. They were there right on time.

Closest personal support I off course get from my mum and my dearest friends Elien Ronse and Héloïse Audy.