2010, …in the grey zone, z33, Hasselt)

During the opening of a show the artist climbs over a fake wall to show the public what he does behind it. They can see over/through the wall by using the tools which were put over it. For example a ladder, a hole, a rope or a periscope all give different possibilities to see the other side. As a large graffiti, the tools leave a message, stating what just happened.

Into the woods

2016, Nucleo Open ateliers, Ghent

In the centre of all kinds of wood, more wooden planks are made with a machine that is made out of wood.

Artist studio (2)

2014, Nucleo Open ateliers, Ghent

This museum hallway, complete with bench, fluorescent lights, seat, fire extinguisher and guiding texts in four languages next to the displaying windows, shows the messy studio it was made in.


2013, 1 HOUSE, The Hague

A between two walls, life size projected video. During almost two hours it shows how a wall is being painted, even behind the small cabinets, who had little amounts of paint in them.


2013, 1 HOUSE, The Hague

A homemade table with only three legs nailed to its top. The fourth is the hammer.

Running (Performance)

2014, Cuesta, Tielt

Right in front of the townhall there is this artificial pont. On one end of it, a bucket is filled, carried 25 meters and emptied on the other end. Then returned and repeated. Five days in a week, for a month.


2013, 1 HOUSE, The Hague

A short, slow video showing reading. Until the lightbulb fails. But the lamp can also be used to make light in a different way. The bottom of it is a hammer, to be used to make a hole in the wall. 


2013, 1 HOUSE , The Hague

A wooden panel, looking like a childrens jigsaw puzzle, is showing three trees and a sun. These pieces can also form a factory with smoke.


Pencil on paper.

Each year on june the 22d another circle is added to the previous ones. Not to be hung before death.

1 KIND (Photo series)

2007, Galerie West, The Hague

This is a series of six, printed on real life size. The series show the six sides of the smallest cube a human body fits in (the artists: 52x52x52 cm). This photo is shown as a part of the performance 1 KIND.

1 KIND (performance)

2007, Gallery West, The Hague

Based on half a cork , this gigantic sculpture fills the room completely while rocking from one side to the other. To get out the pieces in the front, the performer first has to go into the big volume. Once taken out, the function as toy blocks, letters and numbers.

In the middle of the boat-shape there is a cubic hole. This is the one in which the pictures from the photo series are taken.

Artist studio

2012, Nucleo Open studios, Ghent

A studio in a studio. During an open studio weekend, this studio is to be viewed through a small window. All kinds of tools and props are there: a saw sawing in itself, a drawing from a pencil as a sketch for a painting about paint, a pen filled pencil and a chisseled chissel for example.



A different realisation on the same question as in 43169

A simple 1 shot video with an aspect ratio of 16/9 in which two black beams are painted on the sides until only a 4/3 frame is left over.


2012, Museum M, Leuven

This small piece, barely noticably exhibited on a window ledge, shows a version of the materials it is made with. From triplex six shapes are cut out with a jig saw and then painted to show a jigsaw, a brush and four tubes of paint.


2009,  ‘ArtAmsterdam’ , 2009, 'Knast sin dimmer die anderen', NGBK, Berlin

Specifically for the art fair of Amsterdam, this big wheel is created. An art fair is an ambiguous place where ambiguous work fits. On orders of the gallerist, the artist crawles into the wheel and starts running.


2009, Gallery West, The Hague

Two hundred wooden birdhouses are stacked in a tree shape (±2x2x2,5 m). The other element is a very heavy, metal birdcage (52x52x52 cm), with a singing bird in it.


2006, ‘Leere X Vision’, Herford

Next to the Martha-Museum -where at that moment an exhibition on tupperware iss running- there is this neighborhood with toys for children. Inspired on the upperdare-parties, the children are enjoying seven different models. 

IDEA - bench           

2006, Independent Arts Festival, St. Niklaas

During an exhibition on illustrations, a man sits on a bench. Besides the fact he sits there quite a while (24h), he is rather inconspicuouse. But there’s an idea-box on one end of the bench. And when someone drops something in it, he disappears in the other side to get it.


2006, Déjeuner sur l’herbe, Velzeke

An installation with a personal touch. The polyester grips of this climbing-wall are all casted on womens hips. Hips of women important in the life of the artist. For example: of course the mother, an aunt, ex- and currant girlfriend an old teacher, and friends.

Away from Huys

2007, Full house, CC Belgica, Dendermonde

In the old building called Huys van Winckel, the artist hides himself in each room. Slides from these actions are shown in an installation in the bathroom. Except for this one, the one taken in the bathroom.

Tower room

2007, ‘Storm op komst’, De Warande, Turnhout

The bedroom of the girl living here, is transformed into a field of clouds. Between these clouds there is a ladder that leads through a skylight and takes you up in this picturesque little tower. From up here one can finally (the room had only a window in the ceiling) look around, and still coccoon in his own world.


2002, Meubilair Elitair, Breda

The central space of the exhibition is in the attic of an old furniture store. Completely rebuild as an interactive installation: the bench, the door, a swing and the bar, they are all connected with little ropes to a string puppet. This is installed in the central stand along with a computer and tv screen, and a rat and bird cage. There also is a hammock, a table tennis table, a water ballerina, and video’s to see.


2006, Leere X Vision, Herford

This concrete location, in the middle of the grey city of Herford, has a lot of similarities with the infrastructure of a zoo in the seventies. To enforce the idea of the ‘concrete jungle’, it only missed a human inhabitant. So a man walkes up and down for hours and hours, which makes other people stand still for a moment. The dutch word ‘ijsberen’ means ‘polar bears’ as well as ‘to walk up and down’.


2006, ‘Barrack’, HISK, Antwerp

This videoloop functions as a living painting. For minutes on end the only thing there is to see, is leaves waving in the wind and singing birds to hear. The patient viewer witnesses a man swinging across the screen in a flash. 

House Dog

2009, ArtAmsterdam, RAI, Amsterdam

This sculpture has the shape of a dog and is made of dog house materials. It is the smallest part of a triptic, all involving animal housings.

Maïs Pourquoi


A small video in which a corn stalk is replanted from one side of the field to the other, in an empty spot

What is it that...

2005, ‘Festival Deluxe’, Zoersel

An old convent room is darkened with black mat paint covered with charcoal powder. Everything in soaking darkness, except for one shiny white cube. The only light entering the room comes trough colorful glass in led windows. In the floor tiles a fine white line is carved out, showing the unfolded cube pattern: a cross. No one knew the cube is hiding its maker.